Hi! I’m Chef Shobe,

It’s one of my core beliefs that food, especially GOOD FOOD brings people together.

With my company you can have an elevated food experience, featuring a 4 or 5 course menu you hand select, in the location of your choice with the people who matter.

You know that look on your loved one’s face after you surprise them with the most thoughtful and detailed gift? That’s what a private chef experience is. You see that look of joy, warmth and a full belly, from that special person.

Now imagine your next special occasion… every person in the room has that same experience. You get a 5 star dining that crosses food genre barriers and takes your event to the next level. Just the right amount of flavor, with a heavy dose of love in each bite. Book your intimate dinner, event, or virtual class today. The possibilities are endless.

Detroit Private Chef Shobe

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